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Throughout the C21 season, Rice Extension and the SunRice Grower Services team monitored 14 commercial V071 crops across the Murray and Murrumbidgee valleys. The performance of 13 commercial V071 crops was compared to Reiziq crops grown under similar farmer management practices, often in adjoining paddocks. The V071 crops were grown under all sowing methods (drill sown, dry broadcast and aerial) and a range of soil types.
In C21, many growers took a risk by planting outside the recommended Reiziq sowing window because of the large area of winter crop being harvested and limited Viand seed availability. Wilbriggie neighbours Jim and Anthony Salvestro and Robert Andreazza had only two days between their first flush date for their drill sown Viand and Reiziq crop. The neighbours were keen to see which crop would outperform the other.